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Indoor Office Plants and Landscaping

Specializing in Interior Plants and Plant Maintenance

Welcome to Interior Plant Creations

IPC (Interior Plant Creations), a leading interior/exterior landscaping company specializing in interior plants, offers a variety of landscaping services that offers many benefits to companies in office settings. We have the resources and plant knowledge to add color, texture and life to any interior setting.

Take advantage of our comprehensive residential and commercial landscaping services. We know how to instantaneously bring life to your office or building by mapping out a well-placed interior landscape scheme. Our experienced staff will guide you in the right direction and help you choose from a variety of plant styles, including:

Low Light Plant   Medium Light Plant   High Light Plant
Low Light Plants   Medium Light Plants   High Light Plants
Bamboo Palm   Dwarf Schefflera (Tree Form)   Fiddleleaf Fig (Tree Form)
Dieffenbachia   Fish Tail Palm   Weeping Fig Braided (Tree Form)
Corn Plant (Cane Form)   Song of India   Yucca (Cane Form)
Lady Palm   Pigmy Date Palm   Podocarpus
And Much More!   And Much More!   And Much More!

Our plant experts know what type of plant is best for your needs, which streamlines the decision-making process and gets you on your way to experiencing the many benefits of interior plants. Our convenient plant maintenance program helps keep your interior plants looking fresh and full of life.

More than Interior Landscaping

Our exterior landscaping division provides beautiful landscaping services that create a workplace your employees are proud to call their own. You are the most important factor when it comes to our landscaping services, so that’s why we devise a plan that fits your company’s needs. Our licensed professionals are here to create the perfect mixture of beauty, charm and enjoyment to your building’s interior and exterior landscape.



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